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Guide how to win the boss on the Dreamland location in the game Star Conflict.

I present to you the guide for the passage of the boss "Experimental destroyer" in the Dreamland.

How to find the boss:

The boss appears in the location Dreamland (Artug system) every even hour by Moscow time, i.e. at 00:00, 02:00, 04:00, etc. Moscow (UTC + 3).
You can reach this location from the Guard-17 station of the Empire fraction.

On the OW (Open World) map you will see the location of Guardian-17 station and Dreamland location:

How to reach Dreamland. Star Conflict

Team matching:

Team gathering would normally start in 30 minutes before the boss appears. To recruit 8-9 people (if you do not have friends) with ships of the required roles, you will need about 15 minutes on average. Require those who want to join to show you in the chat (using Shift + LMB) the ship, weapons and modules, the presence of the Emergency Barrier. If you have already assembled a team, then 20 minutes before the start of the battle it is better to already load into the location Dreamland with your whole wing and wait in the location.

If you were taken to a group and you are ready to fly away to the Dreamland - do not wait for the full gathering of the group, fly to the location immediately.
The location holds a maximum of 12 players, so you need to take place in advance.
Why not 12 players, but 8-9?
There is always a chance that there will be 3-4 players at the location, simply beating mobs who terribly want to join the destruction of the Experimental destroyer. Dying next to him, such players will restore the boss’s corpse, so it’s better to hold several slots to get such fighters into the wing and cure them in time.
Even if such players are not in the location, then a group of 8-9 people may well defeat the boss.

Best team:

  • 1 ECM Interceptor - Kevlar Ha (Jericho, 12 rank) Link to Kevlar Ha Build for Dream Land
    1 ECM Interceptor - Spirit (Jericho, 9 rank) Link to the Spirit build for Dream Land
    1 ECM Interceptor - Dyrnwyn (Empire, 17 rank) Link to the Dyrnwyn build for Dream Land
    Also suitable are Storm Viking (Empire, Rank 14), Black Swarm (Empire, Rank 9) and Kris (Jericho, Rank 8)
    Why exactly these ships?
    The enemy boss can make a warp jump with his back 7-9 kilometers, after which he releases his Storm (rocket salvo) at the players and turns on the Enclave Emitter (a more powerful analogue of the Pyroradiator).
    The ECM pilot should be careful and immediately turn off his modules from a distance after the boss’s jump. This will help ships with a bonus of + 50% on the range of application of combat modules.
    Optionally, on Jericho ships, we can replace the Small Shield Amplifier with an Energy Absorber.
    On ships where it is impossible to install a "silencer of internal networks" set "Energy Absorber"
    Attention regarding the use of Dyrnwyn (Empire, Rank 17) the information is following:
    If you use a special module to save yourself from missiles or to heal self, never crash a copy of the ship into the boss - it is considered a player, and such death allows the boss to restore the hull.

  • 1-2 Guardian Frigates - ObjectNY18 (Unique Ships, Rank 15) Link to the ObjectNY18 build for Dream Land
    Why exactly these ships?
    ObjectNY18, although a frigate of cover, is actually a “thick” version of ECM Interceptor.
    Due to the “Destructor” gun, your frigate pumps out energy from the boss, and using the “Destabilizer of power systems” also does not allow the boss to regenerate it. In the presence of 2 such coverings on a command shells of "boss Photon emitter" practically do not fly out. Due to the "ABM System" they protect the team from enemy missiles (including photonic) in a radius of 4000 km. A unique special module allows these frigates not to spend an engineer’s resources on the treatment of coverings.

  • 1 Engineering Frigate - Brokk (Empire, 13th rank) Brokk Build Link for Dream Land
    Why Brokk?
    In its class, Brokk is the most powerful engineer:
    1. The WL13 Emitter 17 emits the highest rates of shield and hull restoration (1264 units / sec of treatment, against Eclipse with ~ 970 units / sec, WL-13-EL Emitter with 596 units / sec and Multiphase laser with 218 units / sec sec).
    2. The ability to use the "Repair Projector 17", at a tremendous speed (up to 2042 units / sec), repairing the Allied corps at a distance of up to 3500m.
    3. The ability to use "Self-Return 17", a module that restores shields to allies in a radius of 1250m in seconds.
    4. The ability to increase the powercore capacity from 3000 to 4000 units energy.
    5. СThe special module "Gremlin Drones" when activated and hit by a beam through the Enclave Emitter (Pyro beam) destroys it.

  • You can type the damage dealers setup as you like, for example like this (the passage is shown on video):
  • 6 Destroyers Supressor class - Ze'ta
  • 1 Assault Fighter - Spark

  • The best option for fast passage will include ships with the most powerful weapons and ships supporting roles:
  • 1 Tackler Fighter - Lance Bartle (Jericho, 11 rank) Link to Lance Bartle Build for Dream Land
    Why Lance Bartle and not Sawtooth or other blockers?
    1. Bonus of + 25% Strength with Tackler modules
    2. "Point Target 17" cuts off the enemy’s resistance by 43.1.
    3. "Shooting system << Stretto >> 13" additionally cuts resistance to the enemy by 36 points.
    4. This ship is a very good support ship for the strike group, in total reducing damage resistance by 79.1 units , respectively, increasing the speed of passage.

  • 1 Command Fighter - Loki (Empire, 12th rank) Link to the Loki build for Dream Land
    1 Command Fighter - Excalibur (Jericho, 15 rank) Link to Excalibur Build for Dream Land
    1 Command Fighter - Aura (Empire, 14 rank) Link to Aura build for Dream Land
    The ships listed above are strike tanks (that is, they cause maximum damage by the Thermal Energy Burner about 6700 damage / sec longer battle time and take the incoming damage from the boss, due to the resistances and the Special Module) and at the same time give themselves and the team damage / defense buffs.
    Also you can select Granite, but it should be mentioned, that it won't be a boss tanking machine. Link to Granite Build for Dream Land

  • 1 Suppression destroyer - Vigilant (Empire, Rank 14) Link to Vigilant Build for Dream Land
    Why Vigilant, and not other destroyers, or, for example, a Fighter Gunship?
    1. The meson cannon 17 accelerates in 7 seconds from 4039 damage per second to 16829 units. damage per second with a firing duration of 18 seconds, therefore Vigilant is our main striking force.
    2. Using the "Vulnerability Detector" from the computer slot it cuts an additional 39 units. resistance of the enemy.

  • 1 Recon Interceptor - Tai'kin (Ellydium, Rank 15) Link to Tai'kin Build for Dream Land
    Why Tai'kin?
    1. For damage: Crystal Infiltrator makes additionally 35.6% of the damage dealt by a group.
    2. For damage: the T'Har'Ok Projector 17 gun and Apocalypse missiles will allow this scout to inflict significant boss damage.

  • 1 Recon Interceptor - Berserker (Empire, Rank 15) Link to Berserker Build for Dream Land
    Why Berserker?
    1. For damage: the Plazmagun Tracer at a 60% chance of crit. damage constantly imposes on the boss a debuff for taking + 20% of incoming damage.
    2. For damage: the Nano bearing finder module cuts 62 units. boss resistance in a radius of 2000 meters.

Fight Scenario:

A Command Fighter (for example, Loki) enters the battle (with the support of an engineer), flying to the boss closer than 1000 meters to receive a bonus to damage against destroyers, disperses the gun, takes the first place on the threat list. Expands the boss to the center of the location, on the textures in which the boss will hold until the end of the battle. We give the tank 10 seconds to set the threat.
Next, the engineer, along with one or two covers, go behind the boss. After them, the rest of the team goes behind the boss so as not to receive damage from photon explosions.
ECM disables the modules of the Experimental destroyer, covers insure against the use of Storm + burn energy.
The destroyer incinerates the boss from 500-600 meters from the flank.
The barrage and scouts can stay at a distance. Nobody beats in the boss, so as not to spoil the effect of the Crystal-Infiltrator.
From time to time, the boss warps with his back 7-9 km, and if there is energy, he turns on Piroluch and Storm , which are disconnected by the Reb, from missiles they insure cover by the missile defense module (range 4000 meters ) The group approaches the boss again and the script repeats.

If you have Tai'kin in your party - especially recon will keep boss' attention due to the usage of Infiltrating Crystal. Be accurate.

In the different setups and in accordance to the equipment and player's talents battle may take from 9-11 minutes up to 1 hour.

Thanks to:

Thanks to players Vladblodemag and XEIII for the usefull fits and recomendations.

Video about Dreamland:

Fast run 1:

Fast run 2:

Not a fast run (speed x1.8):


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