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For the newbie: general interface settings. Star Conflict guide.

In this guide I will tell you how and where you can configure the General parameters of the game interface for yourself.

What is the interface in the game:

  • The interface in Star Conflict is a collection of module icons, ship indicators, maps.
  • In this article I will tell you in detail where and how you can change the basic settings of the game, so as not to get lost among the information on the screen, or, conversely, how to add missing sources of combat information.

General settings:

  1. Go into the game, get into the Hangar, press the Escape button (Esc. - top-left key on almost any keyboard).

    Thus call the game menu:

    Hangar. Menu after pressing Esc. Star Conflict
  2. In the game menu select Options:

    Options - the second menu item located after the Back button:

    Hangar. Select the Options item. Star Conflict
  3. A screen with a huge number of settings opens:

    Here is such screen, here we're interested in tab Game:

    Hangar. Select the Game tab. Star Conflict
  4. The Game tab has a fairly long scroll bar (on the right):

    Don't forget to use it next time:

    Hangar. Select the Game tab. Star Conflict
  5. In the Central part of the screen we will see the following settings for interaction with the game:
    • Mouse sensitivity : programmatically accelerates or slows down the movement of the cursor (in battle-sight) on the screen.
      Tip: if you like laser (beam) weapons, then for convenience hitting targets you should use mouse with a small dpi (resolution) or lower the sensitivity with this scale in the game.
    • Invert Y-axis: changes the direction of the cursor moves in the opposite direction, for example, move the mouse up-the ship goes down. Simulates the control "stick" of a fighter.
      If you are used to flight simulators-you can safely include the usual control.
    • Skip intro cinematic: actually, if you set a tick in this item, you will no longer see the game video when you start the client.
      New videos you will not see. You can safely activate the tick.
    • Auto-alignment: needed for pilots of destroyers and ships with similar controls (at the time of writing, this is Object NY 18). When you switch the control mode to normal mode - forces your destroyer turned upside down from the “horizon” or Object NY 18 to rotate with the cabin “up”, bottom “down”.
      There is nothing harmful in this checkbox - you can leave it turned on.
    • Auto-lock on target: if you set the options "Always" and "Only if no other target is locked", then any fleeting brushstroke with an cursor on an enemy target will force your ship to take it on its own to "capture". Most often, choosing a target for "capture" won't be absolutely the one you wanted.
      In the game, under the Key Assignment -> section of the Target Indication section, you can check and, if necessary, reassign the button to “capture” the target.
      Therefore, opposite the " Auto-lock on target can be set Disabled.
    • Ship control mode:
      The Basic mode:
      1. When the ship turns, the map scrolls uniformly, in proportion to the deviation of the cursor from the center of the screen.
      2. It is possible to fire in the rear hemisphere of the ship in normal flight mode.
      3. It is possible to fire in the rear hemisphere of the ship in the "turret" mode.
      The Expert Mode:
      1. When you turn the ship, the map scrolls equally accelerated (with the parallax effect - that is, the map rotates faster than your ship), relative to the speed of rotation of your ship and the deviation of the cursor from the center of the screen.
      2. It is possible to capture only part of the rear hemisphere of the ship for firing in expert flight mode.
      3. The ability to fire in the rear hemisphere of the ship in the "turret" mode is completely disabled.
      I don’t give recommendations here, try both options in battles or in the Open World.
      It depends on the speed of your perception of the game and on the physiological characteristics of the player.
    • Ships' trails: displays the “trace” from the movement of the ship (you and your allies have a blue stripe, opponents have a red stripe).

      An example of an ally’s "trace" is a blue stripe:

      Hangar.Ships' traces.Star Conflict
      If the power of the computer allows - feel free to enable this setting. Traces will help to quickly understand what kind of ship flew or is spinning next to you - friend or enemy.
    • Ship information: shows the characteristics of speed, survivability of the ship, its energy reserve and energy consumption.

      An example of a screen with a short description of the ship:

      Hangar. An example of a short description of the ships. Star Conflict

      An example of a screen with an extended ship feature:

      Hangar. An example of an extended ship description. Star Conflict
      Set the selector to "Extended". Extended information about the ships will allow you to see both all the parameters of your ship and the parameters of the enemy’s ships (by pressing Tab in battle).
      Accordingly, you will see the strengths and weaknesses of the ships.
    • Aim assistance: slightly adjusts the flight of your shells, so that they fly inside the lead marker if you take the target into capture. This does not mean a 100% chance of hitting an enemy ship.
    • Ping-aware prediction: adjusts the distance from the enemy’s ship to the prediction marker depending on the speed of your Internet connection between your computer and the game server (ping). To view your ping, press the F11 button in the game.
    • Аutorepairs: automatically spends your credits on the account to repair ships that have died at least once in battle.
    • Auto-purchase ammo: automatically spends your credits on the account for the purchase of new cartridges and missiles after the end of the battle in OW (Open World) or the battle from the Battle section.
    • PvE-mode: when turned on, it protects the player from damage on their own (some weapons and missiles can cause damage to your own ship) and from pirates (PK-players) in flight mode in OW (Open World).
      !Attention! In some locations, this mode is turned off automatically, be careful when going into OW.


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